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“Οίκαδε” (Oikade / í•ka•de) is a brief guide to the Modern Greek history, highlighting the most important historical events of the 20th and 21st century taking place in Greece. This project was the result of my Master Thesis in Middlesex University, inspired by the chronic economic crisis that has been agonizing for the country and the people’s oblivion to past traumatizing and important events that led up to this point.


The political posters are mainly symbolic, conveying different emotions and ideas in relation to the events for the viewer to apprehend. “Oikade” is created not only for the citizens of Greece, but for everyone that wants to hear the real story behind the propaganda and the misconceptions that are being spread about this country. 

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People read best when they read most, so my purpose is to create a distraction-free reading space. In the booklets of “Oikade” I used only a one-column and a two-column layout, with continuous text and plenty of white space. Typography and content are consistent and clear, thus the layout’s main focus is on everything that is meant to be read. A related Bibliography is placed at the end of every booklet without disrupting the flow of the content. The only “pauses” in the text are poems/verses and diagrams/illustrations.

Content is presented with a sans serif font for the main body of text and a serif font for the titles, resembling a newspaper. The color palette consists of black, white and grey, and every booklet has its own dominant color.

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From 1922 to 1940 / Greece in Asia Minor and the Interwar period

Linear narrative

80 pages / 6.133 words / 10 illustrations

Petrol Blue

A color combination of blue and green that refers to the military blue and the onslaught of the army in the everyday life. It's also indicating the expansion of the Greek state to its current borders. 

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From 1940 to 1945 / The Second World War

Thematic narrative

112 pages/ 10.730 words/ 21 illustrations


An emotionally charged color that represents survival and power, as well as the war and the bloodshed.

It's also connected to the Communist Party of Greece and the National Liberation Front, commonly known by its acronym EAM.

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From 1945 to 1967 / The Controlled Democracy 

Linear narrative

82 pages / 6.115 words / 14 illustrations


Yellow and Black

The "Treacherous" Yellow is representing fear and anxiety. It's also a color associated with betrayal and is commonly used with warning signs. During the Civil War chapters the black color is the dominant one, the color

of sadness and grief.

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From 1967 to 1974 / The Regime of the Colonels

Thematic narrative

80 pages / 5.154 words / 14 Illustrations



A color that is for the Greek Orthodox Church a symbol of mourning and flamboyant behavior.

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From 1974 to 2015 / Metapolitefsi and the world of today

Linear narrative

164 pages / 15.923 words / 34 illustrations


Green - Lime

A combination of Green and Yellow that represents revitalization and equilibrium, economic transactions

and decadence.

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Layout Design

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Book Cover / Back Cover


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Contents / Booklets description

Timeline / Biographies

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© Thalia Maria Bitha
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