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«Οίκαδε» (Oikade / í•ka•de) is a brief guide to the Modern history of Greece, highlighting its most important events of the 20th and 21st century. 93 years of history are presented in 5 books and 93 illustrations, inspired by the “unseen” Greece: Traumatizing and critical events that shaped the contemporary Greek society, political leaders and socioeconomic crises that changed the course of history itself, one way or another.

The political posters are mainly symbolic, conveying different emotions and ideas in relation to the events for the viewer to apprehend. This project was the result of my Master Thesis in Middlesex University, inspired by the chronic economic crisis that has been agonizing for the country and the people’s oblivion to past traumatizing and important events that led up to this point.The project attempts to reintroduce history to the general public, in order to make history more interesting and relatable through the illustrations and the literary style of narration. “Oikade” targets the citizens of Greece, and everyone interested in learning the story, the known and the unknown aspects, of a small country with vast history.

The project received the Gold Award in the 2019 Young Designers contest, and is available at selected bookstores.

Chapter 1 | 1912 - 1940

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The Excursion to Asia Minor and the Interwar period

Linear narrative

The Early 20th Century / First & Second Balkan War / First World War / The National Schism / The Asia Minor campaign / The Great Fire of Smyrna / The Treaty of Lausanne / Refugees of another time / The court martial of 'The Six' / Pangalos dictatorship / The Rise of Dictators / The 1935 attempted coup / The Metaxas dictatorship / Exiled in the Aegean / Road to World War II / An Interwar Review / Biographies [Constantine I of Greece – E. Venizelos – I. Metaxas – G. Kondilis]

10 years of continuous wars have brought Greece to the brink. Throughout the interwar period, the country suffers from political instability, multiple military coups and blatant disregard of human and civil rights. In a short period of time over 25 governments rose to power, all of them overthrown by the military dictatorship of Ioannis Metaxas. The political parties fail to oppose him, as the sirens of World War II begin to sound.



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© Thalia Maria Bitha
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