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“Master of Arts in Design” aka “MAD”, is a series of publications concerning my master thesis in Middlesex University.  It starts with three booklets called “MAD Diaries” that contain my thoughts and general progress on my research, and the project proposal booklet that finalizes the subject of my master thesis.

The subject of my research is about the history of modern Greece from 1922 to the present, as well as the importance of political posters throughout the historical progression of the state of Greece.

The final project will be a series of political illustrations, depicting various events in the history of modern Greece that had an impact in today’s state and culture. There will also be a concept for an interactive application and website, whose purpose it is to provide additional information about aforementioned events, key figures, political parties and financial statistics and thus to make history easily accessible to the public.

I wanted to create a similar layout for all the booklets, and I was inspired by the newspaper layouts, various contemporary publications and conceptual political illustrations.

mad Diaries 1/2

mad Diaries 3/4/5

Research proposal


Research development

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