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Kulturhavn festival

"Spread the joy"


Kulturhavn is a festival full of joy! It is one of the largest cultural festivals in Copenhagen, taking place every summer in the city’s harbour area. The festival’s joyful character inspired us to design a poster that illustrates the unique experience of Kulturhavn.


Thousands of people of all ages and nationalities mix and mingle, by participating in the festival’s numerous activities. During three festive days, residents and visitors have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Copenhagen, within an ambient cheerful atmosphere.


The idea behind the design of the poster is therefore to present visually this multicultural event. In the center of the poster we have created the name of the festival in three dimensions, creating its space as well. Around the festival there are different platforms, where many activities take place, with the background of the sea. Our aim is to represent the spirit of the event that gives vivid vibes and “colorizes” the cityscape.


Kulturhavn is not just an annual festival, but an open party! All you have to do is to ... spread the joy!

© Thalia Maria Bitha
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