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Jazz panorama Posters

The Greek Jazz Panorama is a music 3-day festival that takes place each year at the Onassis cultural center. The event consists of daring and creative collaborations between Greek and foreign musicians, highlighting the spirit of the Greek Jazz scene.

Jazz is a loved and a rather classic type of music, but it always manages to evolve along with society, so my inspiration comes from the very essence of this music type. The posters represent the new dimension of jazz, which is both loyal to its roots but also innovative and bold.

First Poster

poster new version.jpg

The first poster is inspired by the new digital age and shows how jazz has evolved over the years to not only fit into this era but also lead it when it comes to music. This project is part of the typography design course in AKTO college.


Second poster

poster new version 2.jpg

The second poster shows the more “traditional” side of this music genre but with a contemporary twist. It is malleable and reaches up to heights no other genre can. It’s very popular because it can take any shape and form that the artist desires.
There are no rules to confine creativity.

© Thalia Maria Bitha
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